Tri-Axle Majestic

Larrington Tri-Axle-Majestic Trailer
This is the future of agricultural transportation. The Tri-axle Majestic trailer stands out here in the UK, but in Europe tri-axle trailers are very much the norm.
As European agricultural machine sizes and their production performance increase, the capacity and performance required of agricultural trailers also increases, making Tri-axle trailer evermore popular.
Larrington Trailers are the UK's leading tri-axle trailer manufacturer. Having (to date) built more tri-axle trailers than all other major British trailer manufacturers put together, we know a thing or two about building high capacity trailers. Keep reading to find out why you might benefit from owning a Larrington Tri-Axle trailer.
Key Feature 1
Protect Your Land, Your Investment.
One of the most beneficial things about a tri-axle trailer and often overlooked is the reduction of ground pressure. Using three axles reduces the ground pressure exerted by the trailer by a third, this helps keep the trailer on top of the ground helping to avoid it having to turn against deep ruts.
Key Feature 2
Reduced Tractor Wear.
The reduced ground pressure, will not only aid the trailer to stay on to of the ground rather than sinking, but in doing so it will greatly reduce the amount of pull require to tow the trailer, and if your tractor isn't having to work so hard it's only going to last longer.
Key Feature 3
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.
By using larger Tri-Axle trailers, Larrington Trailer's customers have been able to be more efficient. Reducing their journeys to and from the store, in turn reducing their carbon foot print and the effect they are having on the environment.
Key Feature 4
Improved Steering Performance.
The position of the suspension on a Tri-Axle trailer is further forward than that on a tandem axle trailer. This gives it a smaller turning circle, with some customers noting that the trailer turns better into smaller gateways than their tandem axle trailers.
Key Feature 5
Single Tipping Ram.
As with all Larrington Trailers, the Tri-Axle Majestic features a single tipping ram. Using less oil and pressure per Tonne than a twin-ram system; it reduces the wear on all parts including your tractor's oil pump.
Key Feature 6
Super Strong 'M' Style Chassis.
Designed and Patented by Larrington Trailer, the 'M' stye chassis gives your trailer added strength and is only available from Larrington Trailer. Tried and tested over several years, the super-strong chassis gives you more strength while being lighter than a conventional box section chassis.
Key Feature 7
Commercial Axles Fitted As Standard.
These have the 420 x 180 brakes set at 1900 track. This helps to further increase the stability, and means we can offer you the single line hydraulic brakes or twin line air brake systems.
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Larrington Tri-Axle-Majestic Trailer Larrington Tri-Axle-Majestic Trailer Larrington Tri-Axle-Majestic Trailer Larrington Tri-Axle-Majestic Trailer
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