Air Inflation / Deflation System

Larrington AgriBrink Air Inflation System
The idea of reducing tyre pressures in the field to help you float over wet ground and protect the soil from unecessary compaction damage then increasing your tyres pressure again ready for safe road travel is by no means a new concept.
Tyre inflation systems tyring to address this problem have been around for a while now but often suffer from a couple of problems which have prevented them from becoming common place in the British agricultural world.
They usually only focus on the tractor, neglecting the heavier loaded trailer (offsetting any gains made by the tractor) and they often suffer from slow inflation speeds.
We are happy to announce that we have address these two problems and their sole UK distributor, we he have teamed up with AgriBrink of Canada who have developped an innovative inflation system, allowing you to control the tyres on your tractor as well as a trailer (or other appliance) from a single tractor based control unit.
Find out more about the benefits of using a tyre inflation/deflation system and what this system offers that many other don't.
A Complete System
Unlike most other available systems, our air inflation/deflation system can be fitted to both the tractor and trailer allowing you benefit form the reduced tryes pressure on the entire load.
Fast inflation / Deflation
Inflate all tractor and trailer tyres (from field to road pressure) in only 90 seconds !
Easily Swap Between Tractors
Most of the inflation/deflation system is mounted to a front bumper mounted to the tractor's 3-point linkage. This allows the inflation system to be moved from one tractor to another more easily. Tractors would need to have the correct tyres and be 'inflation-system' ready to be able to use the system.
Easy Operation
For convenience, the tyres on the tractor and trailer (or other appliance) are all controlled with a simple flick of a switch from a single tractor mounted control unit.
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