Food & Vegetable Waste Shredder

Larrington Food & Vegetable Waste Shredder
Originally designed as an animal feed and waste food shredding system, the patented Larrington Shredding hopper can be used to shred all sorts of crops and produce for different applications.
We are currently in the process of developing a modular Shredding Tube attachment for the Anaerobic Digester market. This converts the Shredding Hopper in to a dedicated Anaerobic Digester Shredding system.
The modular Shredding tube attachement unit can simply be 'bolted-on' to the Shredding Hopper, making it a easy to install.

It is our goal to implement this A.D Shredder system directly in-line with currently established A.D plants.

We will be releasing more information on the development of this shredding system over the coming months, but should have any queries, or wish to take part in the testing phase of our developments you can contact us by email at '' or by phone on +44 (0)1205 353 124.
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Larrington Food & Vegetable Waste Shredder Larrington Food & Vegetable Waste Shredder
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