Ejector With Side Elevator

Larrington Ejector Trailer With Side Elevator
The 'Ejector' trailer (also known as a push off trailer) offers you several benefits over a standard tipping trailer, but we didn't stop there !
Due to popular demand we now offer an Ejector trailer with a Side Discharge Elevator, enabling you to quickly deliver the contents of the trailer to another vehicle, hopper or directly on the headland with ease.
Key Feature 1
Quiet & Reliable Blower System.
Designed to give you the very best performance while reducing the loud noise often generated by blower trailers. The Larrington Ejector Blower trailer is fitted with a market leading blower for reliability.
Key Feature 2
Interchangeable Taildoor
The trailer's taildoor and blower system are interchangeable. This enables you utilise the blower when required, and quickly convert it to a 'standard' ejector trailer for a variety of different uses throughout the year.
Key Feature 3
Safer Unloading.
We all known the risks that come with tipping trailers. From tipping under power lines, to the trailer rolling over due to high winds or uneven terrain. The Ejector system eliminates these problems meaning you can empty your trailer quickly and conveniently no matter what the weather conditions, and without the worry of electrocuting yourself on power lines.
Key Feature 4
Safer Operation In Tight Spaces.
The Ejector trailer is able to operate in tight spaces that are simply impossible for standard tipping trailers to access. Unlike a tipping trailer the Ejector gives you full control of how fast the trailer is emptied. You can even partially empty the trailer, close the taildoor and empty the remaining contents elsewhere if need be. This control means you can simply reverse the Ejector in place, open the taildoor and Empty the contents of the trailer at a pace that suits you. Winds and uneven grounds aren't going to cause you any worry, neither are you going to have the uncontrolled heap that falls out of a tipping trailer. This makes the Ejector the ideal choice if your require a trailer that needs to work in confined spaces, or within strict Health and Safety rules.
Key Feature 5
Make Use Of Low Sheds.
Many farmers are buying larger combines an tractors to haul ever larger loads, but their farm buildings might not be suitable to accept larger trailers tipping inside because of height restrictions. Often this is overcome by purchasing expensive elevator systems or raising the shed roof. The Ejector trailer can make use of those sheds, delivering over 20 tonne loads without the need to tip. Many have found it more cost effective to purchase an Ejector system than to raise their sheds. With the Ejector you can deliver the goods exactly where you need them, WITHOUT raising the roof !
Key Feature 6
Carry More, Increase Efficiency.
While being used in conjunction with soft crops that are compact-able, such as silage, parsley, wood chip, light rubbish etc.... the headboard is used to push and compact the load, increasing the load capacity. With users confirming load increases in excess of 35%, reducing haulage costs when compared to conventional tipping trailers.
Key Feature 7
Heap Sugarbeet.
Surely an ejector trailer isn't able to heap sugarbeet as well as a beet trailer !? Well, you might be surprised to find out that the Ejector is able to heap beet fairly well. Having run a few demonstrations, we were pleased to see that the Ejector trailer fared very well against a conventional beet trailer while heaping sugarbeet in to a beet clamp. Another use for a trailer designed to be used all year round.
Key Feature 8
Innovative Design.
The Ejector trailer is powered by a 3 ram ejector system. The first ram pushes the sliding floor across half of the trailer. This actively 'carries' the load situated on the sliding floor meaning that only half the amount of force is actually put on the load. Once the floor is fully extended, the other two rams work together to push the headboard out right to the very edge of the trailer, emptying he remainder of the load.
Key Feature 9
Sealed Floor And Headboard.
The Ejector's sliding floor and headboard are fully sealed with durable rubber. This gives you a tight seal all the way around, enabling you to carry cake slurry and small grain with confidence.
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