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Larrington Flat Deck Trailer
A bale trailer, box trailer, call it what you like; but flat deck trailers have been around for a while and are still the best way to transport a lot of our goods around. But it's only a flat-deck trailer, surely there's nothing 'special' or different about a Larrington flat deck trailer when compared to another flat deck trailer!? Admittedly there isn't as much that goes in to a flat deck as a tipping trailer or ejector trailer. But as with all our products, they are built to very best standards and we offer you the option to customise the trailer to your requirements. From hydraulic box pushers, to our Raise and Lower Drawbar system you'll see there's mush more to these flat-deck trailers than you might realise.
Key Feature 1
Built To Last.
We build the flat-deck chassis from 250x150x6mm RHS box section and hen cross the chassis with 60x40 box section, before covering the floor with 4mm steel plate. A 2ft(60cm) headboard is fitted as standard along with twin rear LED lights, as well as a rear towing eyes and a full width bumper.
Key Feature 2
Great Options.
We offer A wide Range of Optional Extra for our Flat-Deck trailers. From ladder bale racks and hydraulic box pushers, to pull-over sheets and side access ladders. So whatever your needs, we can ensure you get the trailer you need to do the job. Why not look through our range of Flat Deck accessories in the Accessories section of the website ?
Key Feature 3
Commercial Axles As Standard.
Full commercial ten stud axles are fitted as standard. These have the 406 x 120 brakes set at 1900 track. This helps to further increase the stability, and means we can offer you the single line hydraulic brakes or twin line air brake systems.
Key Feature 4
Designed By You.
Over the years, we have worked very closely with our customers to understand how they operate our trailers, and to understand their needs and requirements. These ideas are then engineered by our design and development team in to subsequent models. For this reason, you can be sure that you are buying in to a 'work friendly' product when you buy a Larrington. If you have another Requirement that we have not yet covered, we welcome you to discuss this with us. Who knows, your contribution might just revolutionise the way we farm in the future.
Key Feature 5
Rear Towing Eyes.
Rear towing eyes are fitted as standard on all flat deck trailers.
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