Wing Lift Carrot Box Loader

Larrington Wing Lift Carrot Box Loader
Our Winglift Box Loader is designed to load carrot crops while reducing tuber damage and stem cracking. By angling the boxes, the trailer allows the crop to glide down the inside of the box, reducing damage.
Each box can also be loaded individually so that the box is filled to its maximum capacity. It is also important to note that although this trailer was originally designed with carrots in mind, its effectiveness is not limited to carrot crops and works just as well with potato crops.
The Winglift Box Loader has proved very popular in Poland and other overseas countries.
One of the observations is that they often have an additional person on the harvester that controls the elevator from a separate position on the side of the machine. This does control the filling of the boxes better and can maximise the available space in the box. The top and side of this loader is covered in 50mm of foam reducing damage to the crop.
Key Feature 1
Angled Box Loading.
Let's face it, a broken a carrot has no value. This is why we designed the Winglift box loader.Comprising of 2 'wings', one on either side of the trailer; the Winglift angles the boxes allowing your carrots to slide down in to the box without breaking the steam. Each side can be lifted independently alowing easy access for the elevator.
Key Feature 2
Camera System.
To ensure the driver can keep a full view o what's going on in your trailer, the Winglift is fitted with a camera system that feeds to a monitor (supplied with the trailer) in the tractor cab. Should you require even better view from the tractor cab you can also fit our Raise and lower drawbar to the Winglift trailer. more information on the Raise and Lower Drawbar can be found in the Accessories section of the website.
Key Feature 3
Top Frame Clamp.
A hydraulically powered top frame is fitted at the top of the trailer. This is used to clamp the boxes in place on the trailer and to ensure they do not move while the boxes are being loaded. This frame is fitted with cushioning foam to protect your crops as they glide down in to the boxes.
Key Feature 4
Full And Simple Control.
Having a trailer that does great things is useful, but this counts for nothing if it's too difficult to operate. Like the rest of our product range the Larrinton Winglift Box Loader comes with an easy to use control box, allowing the driver to operate the Winglift easily while keeping his attention and focus on the job at hand; your valuable crops. Fitted with a magnetic back-plate the control box can be fixed quickly in the tractor cab when being operated, and conveniently attached to the trailer's chassis when not in use.
Key Feature 5
Customise It To Your Needs.
Like the Guardian, the standard Winglift Box Loader is an 8 box machine. But we can build them in 6, 8, 10, and 12 box variations. Available with Tandem axles as standard, we have fitted many of the Winglift Box Loader we've built with a Tri-axle system. This greatly reduces the ground pressure exerted by the trailer and is fast becoming the 'norm' for this trailer. From LED Lights and Hydraulic Drawbar Stands to Hydraulically Adjustable Drawbars, you can customise this trailer to your every need. Have a look at the Accessories section of our website for more information.
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