Straw Remover

Larrington Straw Remover
The name says it all. The Straw Remover is a machine designed to lift straw from the top of carrot beds. Existing machines have difficulty when lifting frozen straw, with frequent conveyor blockages and problems chopping the straw economically.
The Larrington Straw Remover has been developed to use a rotor lift which creates suction. Two counter rotating augers shred the straw while allowing stones to pass through without damaging the blades. From there the straw is transferred sideways without using belts. The machine is PTO driven, negating the use of complicated hydraulics, pumps etc...
The Shredding system can be incorporated in machines that need to shred or compost material down in size. Our patented design covers the adaption different uses.
Key Feature 1
Hydraulically Controlled Drawbar.
The machines drawbar is controlled hydraulically enabling it to move up and down, and from side to side. This gives the maximum adjustment required to keep the lifting rotor in the best position for lifting the straw.
Key Feature 2
Two hydraulically driven discs remove the straw from the wheel ruts, lifting it up into the path of the rotor. The straw is then lifted off the beds and thrown back into the shredding area of the machine. Where a hydraulic rotor forces the straw down onto the two shredding rotors.
Key Feature 3
Shredding Rotors.
Mounted inside the hood are two spiral rotors that are turning towards each other but with opposed spirals. This patented design shreds the straw whilst allowing stones to go through and not damage the cutting points on the rotors. During a 3 month trial which included many fields littered with stones, the blades were never damaged or replaced.
Key Feature 4
Transfer Augers.
Below the shredding rotors are two more augers with spirals working together to remove the straw quickly from the inside of the hood and on to the spinning deck. We have stopped the machine in mid-field operations and the lower chamber was always empty of straw. This side discharge spinner throws the straw across the top of the field evenly to make cultivation simple.
Key Feature 5
The Ideal Machine.
I know it might sounds little big headed, but let's look at the facts. We have designed a machine that works in ALL conditions with AND without plastic on the crop. We can lift when the frost is at its hardest, and the machine still creates suction and we can get the straw out of the wheelings. To top it off the simple design of the machine removes the chance of breakdowns or wear and tear. No belts, no rollers to jam up with straw and stones, and no hydraulics to leak.
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