9-Bale Straw Spreader

Larrington 9-Bale Straw-Spreader
Larrington Trailer have been manufacturing straw Spreaders since 1983 , and have sold machines in the UK, North America, Across Europe and into Scandinavia.
The Covering of crops with straw to protect them from frost damage over the winter period has become a standard practice throughout many countries since its early development in 1983. Originally the machine was a 3 bale carrying machine, now a 9 bale carrying machine, we are constantly developing this machine to cope with higher work rates and constantly bettering the opposition.
Key Feature 1
Standard Features.
The machine is built to shred and layer all types and conditions of straw. The front conveyor carries the straw to the hydraulic feed drums, these hold the straw firm whilst the spiral rotors tease the straw from the bale and throw the straw into the hood. Inside a lower 'T' rotor breaks any additional lumps from the bale. A conveyor then carries the straw under a limiting guard and leveling rotor before and even layer of straw to your required depth leaves the rear of the machine. A rear guard also protects the straw from wind as it is being laid.
Key Feature 2
Power Beyond.
The latest hydraulic system on the machine allows the oil to flow from the tractor when called upon. This system called 'Power Beyond' keeps the machine's system at a constant rate even when the movements of hydraulic cylinders are required at the same time as operating the conveyor belts. This keeps the feed even and removes the risk of gaps and frost pockets in the field.
Key Feature 3
Like Pouring Cream Out Of A Jar.
If your crops aren't covered properly you could lose a substantial chunk of your crops, so it is important the straw bales are broken down properly for even distribution over your crops. Unfortunately a Straw bale can be full of all sorts of things, from concrete, rocks and stones, to bits of steel and all sorts. Yet, you require us to layer your crop like pouring cream out of a jar, and that's exactly what The Larrington Straw Spreader will do.
Key Feature 4
Electronic Operation.
A New electronic control system, operated from the tractor cab allows the driver to speed up or reduce the conveyor. Auto-steering with right and left control, side rack raise/lower and auto switch off for safe operation.
Key Feature 5
Increase Efficiency.
Our machine is normally used at a speed of 8-10kph with a rate of 2 bales per minute (1 bale per 30 seconds). Last year one of our contractor clients replaced two our competitor's machines and replaced them with just one "Larrington". Their work rate has increased, and their costs have gone down. You could do the same.
Key Feature 6
Reduced Downtime.
We have many exciting new features for present and future machines coming through our drawing office, but one idea we have always kept at the forefront of any design is that the unit should remain simple, and should it ever need it, be repairable by you! This doesn't mean our straw spreaders keep breaking down, quite the opposite. But if your machine is driven by complicated rubber belts that can only be purchased from the manufacturer, how quickly can you repair them !?
We have always driven our rotors using 1" pitch drive chains. It's 'off the shelf' stuff that you can deal with quickly and easily. All this translates to increased efficiency and reduced down-time.
Key Feature 7
Quality, Built To Last.
Having over 30 years experience working with Straw Spreaders, our customers have reported that our machines experience very little downtime. This confirms our design and quality of build. If its quality, reliability with minimal downtime you're after, a Larrington Straw Spreader is what you need.
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