Larrington Harvester Trailer
This new trailer range is priced to compete with trailer manufacturers from Sleaford and Scotland, while keeping the design and build quality that Larrington Trailers are known for.
Like all Larrington trailers, The Harvester trailers are constructed from steel that is folded and formed on our 8m brakes press and cut on our 8m plasma cutter, which means there are made from one piece of steel where our competition joins smaller pieces together. This makes the Harvester trailer stronger from the start and it looks better too !
The chassis is built from 250 x 150 x 8mm RHS box section 50D Grade, which is a similar design to the one our competition uses, but with improvements (as detailed below)
We are delighted with the new trailer and the response we have had at the LAMMA show. Before you make your next trailer purchase, visit your local Larrington Trailers dealer and see the trailer for yourself, we are confident that you will be pleased with the what you see !
Key Feature 1
Swivel Drawbar Stand.
Swivel Drawbar Stand that folds up; out of the way, and does not need removing. Preventing you from misplacing or losing your drawbar stand.
Key Feature 2
The Perfect Ride.
All harvester trailers are fitted with an adjustable Sprung Drawbar, allowing you to easily change the drawbar's angle should you change the height of your tractor, or the trailer's tyres size. This ensure the correct weight is on the drawbar at all times giving you a smooth ride, no matter what tractor driving, no matter what tyres you have fitted.
Key Feature 3
Carefully Thought Out.
The hydraulic hoses run within a channel under the chassis. This keeps them safe while being easy to get to. Nothing hidden away inside the chassis frame.
Key Feature 4
Single Tipping Ram.
Since 1996 we have been building trailers with a single tipping ram, and these trailers are no exception. They have a five-stage 175mm bore ram which needs less than 100psi of oil pressure per ton to lift the loaded body to an angle of 53°. Our competition only lift their bodies to 50° and use a much greater amount of oil pressure to push their bodies 'off' their chassis.
Key Feature 5
100mm 4-leaf Suspension As Standard.
A major amount of improvement is the design of the suspension. Other manufacturers fit springs that are only 76mm wide and range from three to four leaf, so depending upon the position and width of track, users can experience body roll. Larrington Trailers have designed the Harvester trailer for maximum stability by fitting a 100mm wide four leaf spring which stiffens up the suspension and reduces body roll.
Key Feature 6
Commercial Axes As Standard.
Full commercial ten stud axles are fitted as standard. These have the 406 x 120 brakes set at 1900 track. This helps to further increase the stability, and means we can offer you the single line hydraulic brakes or twin line air brake systems.
Key Feature 7
No Joins in the Floor, no 'Snags' in crops.
The body is formed in full lengths of steel with the two side plates formed from 4mm. The single bottom floor plate is formed from 6mm plate. This offer a very smooth exit for all crops from the inside of the body and particularly when tipping potatoes which can be damaged by cross welds which other trailer manufacturers use to join the floor sheets.
Key Feature 8
High Visibility Grill.
Full vision front grill with plastic cover, which can be removed when using the trailer with root crops is included.
Key Feature 9
Secured Taildoor.
A newly designed taildoor which lifts the door upwards first and then pivots the door open. This idea is in use by other manufacturers and is well tried and tested but Larrington Trailers have gone one stage further; welded bushes that turn against the holding plates when the door closes reduce the wear on the locking pins. The holding plates can also be adjusted to maintain the seal around the door's edge. This is unique to the Larrington build and design, helping to reduce wear, maintenance, and down-time !
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