Larrington Majestic Trailer
The Majestic is Larrington's signature trailer, and has been at the core of the business for over 40 years. Over this time the Majestic has stepped out, broken the mould and paved the way with many 'firsts' assigned to its name. It was the FIRST trailer to tip to 60° (the first beet heaping trailer), the first trailer with high-visibility grill, the first and ONLY trailer built on the super-strong 'M'-Style chassis, the First UK manufactured trailer to utilise a single tipping ram system.... Over the years many have tried to copy and even take credit for the Majestic's milestones and technical achievements, but none have ever matched it in either quality or reliability. It's not called the Majestic for nothing..... It's King amongst trailers !
Key Feature 1
The Original Beet-Heaping Trailer.
Tipping to 60° since 1995 with the single ram that Larrington Trailers have become renowned for. Using less oil and pressure per Tonne than a twin-ram system; it reduces the wear on all parts including your tractor's oil pump. A single tipping ram is the only logical way to tip a trailer.
Key Feature 2
Super Strong 'M' Style Chassis.
Designed and Patented by Larrington Trailer, the 'M' style chassis gives your trailer added strength and is only available from Larrington Trailer. Tried and tested over several years, the super-strong chassis gives you more strength while being lighter than a conventional box section chassis.
Key Feature 3
Scharmüller Compatible Drawbar.
Designed and built so that drawbar hitches can be bolted on and off quickly and with ease. If your towing ring breaks, unbolting the old hitch and bolting a new one is much quicker and much more convenient than having to grind off and weld on another ring; especially if the trailer is sat in the middle of a field. Reducing potential downtime, and offering you the ability to quickly change between different types of drawbar spoons and hitches.
Key Feature 4
The Larrington 'Eye'.
The extra large 450mm front window helps the driver reduce damage. Enabling him to directly in to the trailer and watch exactly where the elevator is and where crop is being loaded. The Larrington 'Eye' offers the highest visibility through to the inside of the trailer to date.
Key Feature 5
Extra High Arches.
The highest arches make it easy to cover any heaped crop with a rollover sheet. Protecting your crop from the elements.
Key Feature 6
Commercial Axles As Standard.
These have the 420 x 180 brakes set at 1900 track. This helps to further increase the stability, and means we can offer you the single line hydraulic brakes or twin line air brake systems.
Key Feature 7
Taildoor Locking Hooks.
The Majestic trailer features two hydraulically powered locking hooks which can be adjusted to ensure the taildoor is tightly shut when closed and ensure the taildoor remains secured while traveling with a full load in the trailer.
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