Larrington Rootking Trailer
The Rootking is Larrington Trailer's signature long and low trailer, designed for gentle loading of any crop of value.
Built to highest specification, and designed to be the most comprehensive trailer on the market today, with meticulous attention to detail paid in the design and build of this robust trailer.
The super strong 'M' style patented folded and formed chassis offers the greatest strength with tested light weight construction.
The body is formed and folded from 6mm plate for superb lateral strength. Read on to find out more about this trailer.
Key Feature 1
Single Tipping Ram.
The only logical way to tip a trailer, using less oil, less pressure, and causing less wear on all parts including the tractor's oil pump. All this while tipping the body to 60°.
Key Feature 2
Adjustable Drawbar.
Sprung drawbar with level adjustment to ensure a perfect ride. The height adjustment allows you to easily change the drawbar's angle should you change the height of your tractor, or the trailer's tyres size.
Key Feature 3
Swivel Drawbar Stand.
The swivel Drawbar Stand folds up and out of the way, and does not need removing. Preventing you from misplacing or losing your drawbar stand. Seems so logical when you think about it.
Key Feature 4
Commercial Axles As Standard.
Full commercial ten stud axles are fitted as standard. These have the 420 x 180 brakes set at 1900 track. This helps to further increase the stability, and means we can offer you the single line hydraulic brakes or twin line air brake systems.
Key Feature 5
Twin Rear LED Lights.
Twin rear LED lights, ensure you are always seen whether in the field or on the road.
Key Feature 6
Protection Guards.
All of our tipping trailers come with LED light protection guards to ensure your lights are always in working order.
Key Feature 7
Rear Towing Eyes.
Fitted with two rear towing eyes as standard.
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